Monthly Sunday Series with Rev. Britt Hall, Senior Minister UNY


Today’s world is one we could have hardly imagined a year ago when we turned the page to 2020. A worldwide pandemic, civil unrest to the extreme, lockdowns, loss…it seems that our inner peace continues to be persistently challenged.

There’s something about a new year that feels like a clean slate, an opportunity to reboot. 2021 is a perfect opportunity to take a deeper dive into the study and understanding of our 12 Powers. These 12 spiritual qualities we already possess can change our lives in remarkable ways when we utilize and apply them.

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore defined the 12 Powers as attributes that he believed formed the basis of our Christ consciousness. The more we develop them, the closer we are to expressing our true being, our divine nature. Each of these divine faculties offers a way to view the world and stay centered.

One Sunday of each month in 2021 I will speak on one of the 12 Powers (see calendar for schedule of Sunday speakers.) Though we will study the powers individually, they all work together as part of the whole; therefore, I will also present a quarterly workshop on the three powers covered in the preceding three months.

Rev. Britt Hall, Senior Minister


April 17, June 19, September 18, December 18.

In these workshops we will access, claim and put to use our 12 Powers as we walk the spiritual path. We will share practical ways to apply these spiritual gifts in everyday life in a deliberate, conscious way. Though the powers all work together, each workshop stands on its own. You need not have attended a previous workshop to attend at any time. Join me in “Igniting Our 12 Powers” in 2021 to live life more fully, more consciously, more masterfully.

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Suggested love offering of $20 per workshop.