Dear Unity of New York Community -

Do you remember the first time you were at Unity and heard that you are Good? You know, the Good that is your pure essence, the part of you that cannot be changed.  Thisis the Truth that sets us free! And at Unity of New York, this message is ours to know every moment of every day.

Unity of New York has been experiencing so many blessings.  This year our ministry has not only survived, it has thrived through so many sharing a part of their treasure as a result of the spiritual food they continuously receive.

In 2016 we began our annual Pledge Program to make it easy and convenient for all to share their treasure, and for Unity’s finance team to plan our annual budget.

In 2017 over 150 members of our community participated in our Pledge Program.  How thrilling it would be to see this manifestation of our Good double in 2018!

Our Pledge Team is always looking for new ways to make the spiritual experience of giving easier and FUN!  We invite you to go within and ask, “How much spiritual food have I received at Unity of New York, and how much of my treasure am I guided to share in my sacred walk of abundance?”

Let us all know together as we do each week, “Divine Love, flowing through me, Blesses and Increases ALL that I give, and ALL that I receive.”

In Faith, Gratitude, and Abundance,

Reverend Britt Hall

Reverend Shawn Moninger

and The UNY Board of Trustees