Dear Unity of New York Community -

Each year we begin a brand new Pledge Partnership here at Unity of New York, with a theme for the coming year. This theme encourages each of us to reaffirm our understanding of the vital role we play at Unity of New York, and to ensure that our Spiritual Home not just survives, but thrives!

We recently introduced a new way of experiencing our Sunday love offering.  We shifted the name to “Sacred Exchange,” and we now bring our gifts and blessings forward in a sacred walk of abundance.  It is an opportunity for brothers and sisters to join together in the sharing of their treasure for the spiritual food they have received, while also sharing individual blessings and prayers.  Even for those of us who pledge automatically, we have the opportunity to participate in this powerful, sacred experience in community.

What we give, we give to ourselves.  The money I share with my spiritual home is ultimately received by me because I AM my spiritual home; yet all who come here benefit from it just as I benefit from everyone else’s giving.  Through the sharing of our treasure we create a place for all beings to GATHER and GROW in 2019.

Last year over 150 in our community participated in the 2018 Pledge Partnership.  Pledging helps us to maintain a regular cash flow so we can plan for the coming year and continue to be good stewards for our community resources.  All treasure given, automatically or in person, is blessed and prayed over, so that nothing is taken for granted.

As we know together each week, “Divine Love, through me, Blesses and Multiplies all that I AM, all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.” And if you are in agreement, together we say, AND SO IT IS!

In Faith, Gratitude, and Abundance,

Reverend Britt Hall

Reverend Shawn Moninger

and The UNY Board of Trustees