We’re excited to announce that the NGU is back in action!


May 19th- St. Michael’s soup kitchen volunteer event.

8:30-11:30am. E-mail NGUNYC@gmail.com if interested.



Unity of New York is excited to announce the newest chapter of Next Generation of Unity (NGU).  NGU is a community of spiritual peers where young adults in their 20’s and 30’s within Unity Centers all over the country.  This new group within Unity of New York will be meeting on a regular basis to offer support, service, and social gatherings for spiritually-minded young people.

Membership is open to all.  If you’d like more information, please email ngunyc@gmail.com.

What is NGU?

NGU is for young adults who want to be more involved in Unity, but feel going to a Sunday service doesn’t fulfill all of their spiritual needs. For some, it’s as simple as not being able to attend regularly on Sunday mornings because of work or other obligations. For others, the closeness of community is a high priority, while for others, NGU serves (especially those new in town) as a group of friends who share similar spiritual philosophies.

NGU has evolved to become an official organization within the Unity movement, through the passion of dedicated NGU‘ers that saw a need in their spiritual community and made the commitment to fill it. We are parents of young families, young business executives and artists. We are the next generation of teachers at Unity of NY, the next Board Members and leaders within the congregation who will guarantee that Unity of New York will thrive and continue to inspire generations to come.

What do 18 and 35-year-olds have in common? It’s simple … life. Real life – whether it be voting for the first time, getting married, having your first child, higher learning, or military service. This is the age range when many of these things happen for most people. This is the beginning of our adult spiritual path. Being “freshmen” in the school of life is a big thing to have in common. Often there are questions about the age range of NGU. Over time it has become clear that, in general, the 18-35ish range works. Having a variety of age ranges, as well as a variety of backgrounds, makes the group more interesting and provides the opportunity for mentorship.

What is an NGU group?

NGU is intended for, but not limited to, young adults. (Young adults is defined as persons chronologically ages 18–35ish) who gather to support each other’s spiritual journeys. There are a variety of ways an NGU group manifests their goals and this is through a focus on:
• Spiritual Education/Experience
• Social Interaction
• Spiritual Support
• Spiritual Parenting

Are you one of the dedicated leaders to take it to the next level?

Come, see who we are and where we will go! Be an NGU’er!!!