UNY Prayer Chaplain Ministry

Who We Are

The Prayer Chaplain Ministry is the lay ministry of Unity of New York. We are a trained volunteer prayer team that serves our congregation by offering one-on-one prayer after service, monthly prayer calls, and prayer visits to congregants who are hospitalized or home-bound.

Our Vision

The Prayer Chaplains are here to create and nurture a community where God and prayer are first in all things. We envision our congregation as a safe place where all are nurtured and honored and where we know the highest and best are already manifesting in everybody’s life.

We are here to:

  • Accept you unconditionally
  • Envision with you all of the possibilities for your heart’s dreams and desires
  • Listen to your prayer request and hold what is shared in confidence
  • Pray with you for the highest and best in your life to be expressed

One-on-One Prayer

  • Prayer Chaplains are available for prayer after Sunday service.
  • This heart-centered, gentle and loving service is available to all.
  • Bring any concern or celebration and we will know the Truth with you – God is already at work no matter the circumstances.
  • Congregants can sign up to receive a monthly prayer call by filling out a request form at the Welcome Table or signing up on our website: www.unityofnewyork.org.
  • Prayer is always available to you 24 hours a day, every day through: Silent Unity 1-800-669-7729, 1-800-NOW-PRAY or www.unity.org

Unity of New York Prayer Chaplain Directors

Co-Director: Kathy Grant

Kathy Grant joyfully serves our Unity of New York community as a Licensed Unity Teacher, Prayer Chaplain Ministry Co-Director, and member of Unity of New York’s Choir, Voices in Unity. She has previously served on the Board of Trustees. Kathy has been an adult literacy educator for over 15 years and previously enjoyed a career in health care technology and community health education. She is currently furthering her studies in pastoral care and chaplaincy.

Co-Director: Sarah Dacey Charles

Sarah Dacey Charles is thrilled to be a co-director of the Prayer Chaplain ministry of Unity of New York. Sarah has been a Prayer Chaplain since 2003. From 2004-2011, she was th Co-director of the Chaplain ministry with Carol Dacey-Charles. Besides her work as a Chaplain, Sarah served on the Board of Trustees as Vice President, and was a founding member of Spiritus. Sarah continues to bless Unity of New York as a soloist and as a Quest class teacher. Outside of Unity, she enjoys a thriving acting career and artist mentoring business.

Co-Director: Melanie Schmidt

Melanie Schmidt is excited to join Kathy Grant and Sarah Dacey-Charles as a Co-Director of the Unity of New York Prayer Chaplin Ministry. She is currently taking classes towards certification as a Licensed Unity teacher. Melanie is a retired Human Services Administrator committed to service that improves the lives of indiviuals.