You Are God’s Perfect, Eternal Creation – Just as You Are.

Our message here at Unity of New York is a simple yet exciting Truth –you are God’s perfect, eternal creation – just as you are.

When you acknowledge and accept this Truth, it will become apparent in your life almost immediately. More abundance, a healthier body, peace of mind, and more loving relationships are the results of accepting yourself as God’s wonderful child. We come together at Sunday services, weekly classes, retreats, workshops and social/community gatherings to celebrate our lives as creations of Spirit, and to remind each other that though we may go through challenging times, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. Gathering with like-minded individuals helps us to remember there is an inner power greater than any challenge that may appear in our lives. If you have been searching for a love-focused place of worship that embraces all people and honors all spiritual paths, Unity could be your answer. Perhaps here you will find what so many others have – the feeling you have come home.

We believe that every person is a creation of God and capable of being a light in this world. We hope you will join us at one of our services and we want you to know, you are welcome here.

Upcoming Events

THE QUEST – Virtual Pre-Service Discussion Group

Join us on Zoom Sunday mornings at 9:30am to 10:30am before the 11am online Sunday Celebration Service on facebook live. To join...

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Sunday Service with Rev. Britt Hall, Senior Minister

Unity of New York’s co-founder and Senior Minister, Rev. Britt Hall’s work has received praise from around the globe. He is revered...

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Sunday Service with Rev. Britt Hall

Join us for another Virtual Sunday Celebration on Facebook Live! Unity of New York’s co-founder and Senior Minister, Rev. Britt Hall’s work has...

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Join your Unity of New York Community in a guided 5-minute prayer call for Global Healing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings...

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Effectual Prayer with Rev. Shawn Moninger

EFFECTUAL PRAYER TUESDAYS at 11 AM with UNY Staff Minister REV SHAWN MONINGER  The current book for REV SHAWN's weekly READING & DISCUSSION is the UNITY CLASSIC written by Frances...

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