“The purpose of the Musical Outreach Ministry is to spread healing through joy, love and laughter through the power of song.”

The Musical Outreach Ministry performs in places where access to live performances may be limited, such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers and HIV/AIDS care facilities, where spiritual nourishment and healing is often needed most. Originally formed as an extension of our choir, Voices In Unity, this ministry consists of members and congregants from our spiritual family here at Unity of New York. This outreach is another area of our spiritual center where those who would like to volunteer their talents and creativity with a wider New York community are able to do so. Many who have participated in this outreach ministry say the rewards are immeasurable.

If you are a member or congregant of Unity of New York and would like to volunteer your time and talent as a singer, musician or accompanist, please contact Musical Outreach Coordinator Matthew Stewart, matthewstewart931@gmail.com

Matthew Stewart & Lynn Manuell– Musical Outreach Co-coordinators