Unity of New York is a joyful, diverse, and welcoming spiritual community.  Together we shine our light, leading the way in a world-wide transformation of knowing our Oneness with God and each other.

Unity of New York serves our community through spiritual teaching, music, prayer and outreach. We come together to discover the power within and unleash our divine potential.

Core Values:

Oneness – We believe God is divine energy, the loving Source of all that is, and that we are all one with God. There is no separation.
Prayer – We pray affirmatively with each other and know the Truth that God is working in our lives.
Community – We come together regularly to create and experience an environment of Love. We commit to collaboration and cooperation to build our spiritual community.
Inclusiveness – We welcome and celebrate everyone and honor all paths to God. We believe that all people are created with sacred worth.
Gratitude – We embrace and cultivate the practice of gratitude, knowing it keeps us focused on the abundant good in our lives, thereby expanding that good for everyone.
Creativity – We co-create our lives with God.
Transparency – We commit to open and honest communication.
Responsibility – We are good stewards of the abundance we receive from God.
Prosperity Consciousness – We demonstrate abundant living in all areas of our lives, prospering our spiritual community, each other and the world.
Christ Consciousness – We believe that “Christ” is a consciousness, the highest state that humans can achieve. Jesus, our brother and teacher, demonstrated the way to realize our Christ consciousness and invited us to join him in it. As a guide on our path, we read the Bible metaphysically, rather than literally, discovering deep spiritual meaning in the text.