Unity of New York is fortunate to have Rev. Louis Olivieri as our Licensed Unity Teacher and several people within our congregation who are working towards becoming Licensed Unity Teachers.  We’re excited to have Rev. Louis and dedicated individuals like him in the pipe-line to serve our UNY community.


Licensed Unity Teacher - Rev. Louis Olivieri

As a registered wedding celebrant and officiant, Rev. Louis Olivieri takes great pride in representing Spirit, and building community around wedding ceremonies, baby blessings, and celebrations of life as expressions of joy!

Rev. Louis is an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister who studied at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Through years of study, and the reading of “The Mystic Heart” by Bro Wayne Teasdale whose book inspired the Order of Universal Interfaith , he became familiar with spiritual practices from different traditions and honors and respects these paths.  Knowing the details behind the sacred customs we share has provided him with a deep appreciation for the cultural differences that make each of us unique and special, yet still one.  As a teacher of Unity Philosophy  and a licensed practitioner of these principles, Rev. Louis serves his spiritual community with love and joy.

After spending more than 20 years as a US Treasury bond broker on Wall Street, and owning his own premium concert/theater ticket service, Louis chose to act on his calling after personally experiencing the events of 9/11.  He worked in the towers of the World Financial Center and lives nearby.  This occurrence fueled his decision to pursue  his spiritual journey.  A culmination of his experiences, both personal and public, showed him that there was a difference between “going through something and growing through something.”  He truly believes that understanding commitment and living and growing through your experiences make you who you are.  Unity of NY is grateful to have Rev. Louis as an integral part of our ministry!